Import invoice custom field values

Can custom field values for invoices be imported from csv file?

If not, is it possible to import most the invoice data via csv and then later update those invoices by importing with JSON?

If so, can you give me example some JSON code that can do this?

Yes, the app supports importing custom fields using CSV

Great! How? When I import a CSV file, on the page that shows the CSV column names on the left of the page and the right of the page provides drop down menus to select the IN invoice field name, the invoice custom field names are not present in the drop down menus (neither as the user defined names or “custom field 1, Custom field 2”).

Sorry, it looks like the app only supports custom fields for clients not invoices.

Can it update invoice custom fields with JSON? Can most the invoice data be imported with CSV and then update the custom fields with JSON? If so, can you give me some example JSON for this? I can’t get the JSON imports to work.

The import can only create new records, it can’t update existing records.

I’d suggest setting a custom value and then exporting the data as JSON to see the format.