Import function missing from Pro?

I have self hosted 4 and am trying to import my client and items list but the option is not there. When I was looking at self hosting a few months ago it was there on the side and I could import XML or CSV files I believe.

The only spot I found was in their respected spots, but when I try and import the CSV, I get this message “wrong_file_extension”.

Anything I’m missing?



What file extension does the file have?

The file extension is a CSV exported from Invoiceninja 4. I tried doing an export of each individually as well as the CSV that contains all data. They all give the same error message. I tried a XML for fun, no good either.

If you’re transferring data from v4 it’s much better to use the migration tool.

Migration tool is telling me it’s not allowed to do cross site migration. So this method doesn’t seem to work.

When I manually enter the url for import_export, it brings up the page but nothing works either.

Maybe try exporting from the reports in v4

No luck, same error message.

Which app are you using?

Regular self host at home and I bought a pro license.

I loaded up a 5 instance at home and import is there and functional. Do you reserve import export functions for enterprise only?

I meant are you using the web (React or Flutter) or desktop app.

The post is tagged as hosted, is that a mistake?

All Pro and Enterprise features from the hosted app are included in the selfhosted code.

I am self hosted and I purchases a hosted Pro license and I’m trying to move to that. But I’m unable to import. Everything is done from the website admin account. I haven’t gotten to the app setup yet as I can’t import clients or products.

Are you using the web (React or Flutter) or desktop app?

It may help to test with a different app.

Seems that the React version is the one causing issues. The Flutter version allows it to import etc. Thanks for the info, should solve it.

Not the same kind of question… Do you know if I can set my own email host / settings in the hosted version? Seems to only have Default, Gmail, Microsoft, Postmark and Mailgun.

Thanks again

@david any thoughts on the React issue?

We only support those option in the hosted version.

@jebit, did we discuss this one over email? re firefox developer issue with wrong extension?

The import does work with regular chrome and firefox, we haven’t had a chance to look into why the firefox dev edition throws this.