Import from Sevdesk


til now I use sevdesk for creating my invoices, but I would like to use invoice ninja in future.

I tried to import invoices via csv from sevdesk but there a missing a few fields at invoice ninja - can I add such fields at invoice ninja?

Would it be possible that I can send you my exports from sevdesk to get a better import for invoice ninja?


If you’re a developer you can create a transformer class to map the fields, you can see examples here:

If you’d like to hire a developer you can submit a request here:

Thanks, doesn´t seem to be difficult - is there manual for the keys at invoice ninja? for example, how do I know, what is the right key for subject by mapping the foreign keys?

I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand. Can you please clarify your question.

The import should handle the foreign keys for you.

If I´ve understood it correctly I´ve to map the invoice ninja database keys to the csv field keys, which comes from the import? Is there a key documentation of invoice ninja?

This isn’t documented but you should be able to copy the existing transformers.

To see the full field list you’d need to use MySQL, for example describe invoices;

Thanks, now I get the full list. But one item is missing and would be great: subject for invoices. I´ve defined an extra invoice field at the settings, which is called subject, but I don´t know, how I can map such custom fields?

I think you’d want to use custom_text_value1

When I upload my folder to the given path /app/…/ have I anything to do in order to be recognized by invoice ninja, because the new import isn´t shown.

I believe you need to add it here:

OK, but it seems that this is not enough, because I get several errors: Use of undefined constant IMPORT_SEVDESK

You’ll either need to define the constant or use a string.

Hey yoursql719,

I managed to successfully migrate all my data from Freshbooks to Invoice Ninja, but it involved quite a lot of manual work and database manipulation. Also, I used an online service to get a dump of my data, because the CSV export option didn’t provide all the needed data - I couldn’t simply throw away my almost 10.000+ payments for 3.000+ invoices, and Freshbooks didn’t wanted to cooperate.

But all the work really paid off: 100% of my data has been preserved.

If you’d like to talk about this, shoot me an email at eu (at) denisgomes (dot) com (dot) br.