Import CSV Clarification

If we set two products in a single row for one invoice, we can’t add two quantities.
Example: if I add 5 pens and 10 notebooks means, I have to add two quantity items as two columns. But In Import I can select only one quantity column. may I know what I will do for this scenario


Each row in the CSV file can define its own quantity.

where I can see import invoice custom fields and values in this application

Sorry, I don’t understand your question

Example: invoice custome value1, invoice custom value 2 like some fields are there in import section but they are not showing in this application. It is stored in backend only.So where I can see these values in application.

Custom fields are available through the app: datatables, reports, etc.

Have you defined a custom invoice field on Settings > Custom Fields?

i have modified … now showing in invoice … Ok thank you…