Import $0.00 invoices causes error

I’m using a self-hosted version of Invoice Ninja and have been trying to import all my data from Freshbooks.

Importing Clients went fine.

When importing invoices I kept getting a hang after importing the most recent 30-40 invoices.

The error displayed was:

Undefined index: product_key

So I tried to locate the invoice that wouldn’t import and made sure that I had all the products from that invoice included in the product catalog.

Still no import, it kept hanging at that one.

I removed that one it was hanging on and it hung on the next one.

After a bit more testing I was able to determine that the import (from Freshbooks at least) for invoices does not handle importing of invoices where the dollar values of the invoice are $0.00.

Once I removed all invoices with $0.00 from the import file (of over 400 invoices), the import went completely fine.

So … it looks like there is a bug in the import process. Actually 2.
First, it can’t handle invoices with a total value of $0.00.
Second, that the error displayed is not a proper error - the actual error doesn’t have anything to do with the product_key

BTW … it’s a bit of an annoyance that after you import a bunch of old invoice data that the dashboard | Recent Payments listing shows OLD payments from old invoces (it is no longer the ‘recent’ payments display).

This sounds like a bug, we’ll work to fix it in the next release.

I think the dashboard is also a bug, I’m guessing it’s sorting based on the payment id rather than date. We’ll look into fixing this as well.