Image not showing on Outlook on PC (V5)


having issues with Images in Emails on a self hosted platform. The image works on Outlook for Mobile. But not on the Computer.

I have changed the image formats .jpeg and .png

I have also changed the size of the image and it does not resolve the problem. I can access the image on the web. I have run PHP artisan storage:link

in my emv file, I have also added LOCAL_DOWNLOAD=true

Screenshot 2022-06-12 203826

*** Black Box is to hide some context and is not the issue. ****


@david do you have any thoughts?


If you open that link (the logo link in the email) does the image open for you? it may be your app_url you have configured that is incorrect?


Hello, I can open the image clicking on the URL shown in the image. The image loads without issues.

the APP_URL is

I put this as when loading the page that what it shows.


Not sure on this one, on my outlook, i can see the logo fine, could it be a outlook permission issue blocking the image?


sorry for not getting back to you. Been doing the medical cover for the Royal Ascot

Thank you. Ya looks to be my outlook but not sure what could be causing it but tested on several other email services and the image does load.