I'm New. Just updated to paid version

I just updated from the free version to the yearly 1-2 people enterprise version today. It still has the Invoice Ninja logo at eh bottom of the invoice. This should come off with paid version correct? How do I get that removed?


You may need to regenerate the PDF by resaving the invoice to update previously created invoices.

Sadly that doesn’t work. I’ve tried that several times now. Any other ideas? Do you think it will come off tomorrow? Maybe it needs a day to update?

Do you see the plan active on Settings > Account Management?

@david any thoughts?

Hi Ketra,

I can see that two accounts have been configured, one has your paid account the other is a free account. If you want to email us at contact@invoiceninja.com we can go into more details there.

Not sure how I did that :crazy_face: but email sent.

Thank you