ideal payments

How do I activate ideal payments under online payments?

there are only a few types of paymenttypes; creditcard, paypal, bitcoin and dwolla.
you are partners with a few payment providers that support ideal (mollie and targetpay ideal for example)
however on selecting them, the only options are for which cards are accepted.
I tried going through al the topics anf faqs but nothing usefull turned up.
any help would be great.

We’re deploying a new release tomorrow which should enable accepting Ideal payments through Mollie.

did they contact you? I called mollie directly to discuss it with them :wink:

did a complete reinstall in a clean db but still the same.
can you explain what you did?

If you’re self hosting you’d need to use the code in GitHub, we’ll create a new self-host release later this week.

Ok so it’s not yet on github.
I noticed you made some changes (4hrs ago) so did a clean install with those files.

Then it should work. Mollie is listed under ‘credit cards’ however when the user clicks ‘Pay Now’ They’re redirected to the Mollie site where they can choose alternate payment methods.

what is the webhook url for marking those payments as paid?

We use OmniPay ( to support our payment integrations, it doesn’t support webhooks out of the box. Currently payments are marked as paid as they’re created. We’ll look into supporting their webhook in the next release.

Cool thanx for the quick replies.
one more question and then I leace you to it.
If I just want to upgrade the mollie payment provider do I just copy over the venodor or do I need to do more?

Is there a newer version available than is included with the code? If so, just copying the files should be enough.