I want to installed Ninja Invoice on windows 10 Xampp

How can i install the application on localhost


Sorry, we don’t have a specific guide for xamp.

Can you please share your skype id and help me please

If you’re seeing a specific error I can try to help with it

I think for now you would need to set a database password.

@david @ben should we make this optional?

can you please provide the latest version without any error?

I think this is old laravel version

I think it’s more like a configuration issue, if the problem was with the app I’d expect other people to report the issue.

Do you see data in the countries table?

Yes records is exists in the database country table.

@david any ideas to debug?

Looks like a PHP version issue?

Are you using PHP 7.2 ? I’d suggest upgrading to either 7.3/7.4 or 8.0

I am using 7.3.Can i download the latest invoice ninja code and repeat the installation step.

There might be more info in the web server error logs

To my knowledge the app hasn’t been tested using xamp, you may want to try Ubuntu instead

The issue isn’t the code, the issue will be the platform and most likely the PHP version that is being executed.

I have successfully installed the application on xampp but after login could not find where to create invoice , payment , quotes e.t.c

The screenshot is for the client portal, you need to use the admin portal to create clients/invoices/etc.

how can i access the admin panel? also can i use this software for multiple users.for example User A and B .User A can’t view the invoice and other activity of user B after login.

You should see it with the main route

Yes, that’s supported

on main route i got 404 error can you please provide me the updated zip file?

Are there any details in the web server error log?

I’m not sure what you mean by updated zip file, if you can see the client portal then you also have the admin portal.