I need some help designing an invoice

See my bullet points where design did not fit.

the big problem is if you have a 2 pages invoice there is no design at page 2 and you see at point 3 it overlaps with footer.

Who can help.



@david can you please advise?

What version of Invoice Ninja are you using? That looks like a old design, we float the footer in the latest version.

Hey @david , @hillel ,

he is using the latest version of IN. You are right, it’s based on an old design. I adjusted it for IN v4 and it worked fine so far. Now it’s looks like an CSS / HTML challenge . I saw in the last “Modern” template the floating looks better and the footer will moved to the next page. @aadursun, so we have to start to learn CSS hardcore coding. argh Or is there a design tutorial available for IN?


Edit: Go the tutorial >>> Free Source Available Invoicing, Expenses & Time-Tracking | Invoice Ninja


Happy to help out, you can start with a new clean design and work from there, let me know what changes you would like to see and i can make some suggestions.

We are planning a rewrite of this section of the app to make it easier.