I don't get recurring invoices !

I am using InvoiceNinja v4.5.12, self hosted.
I have set up 2 different recurring invoices: one monthly, the other one quarterly.
They both have the status Pending. The monthly due date is on the 7th and was created on April 5th. So 2 invoices should have been created and are not.

How do I create the 2 missing invoices ?
How do I make sure the next ones will be created (on June 7th) ?

I’ve read the docs but, if there’s detailed information about setting up recurring invoices, I haven’t seen much about recurring invoices creation.


Possibly a dumb question, but did you make sure to setup the cron jobs? Recurring invoices (and reminders, for that matter) rely on a cron to run the appropriate artisan commands on a daily basis.

For example:

15 10 * * * <your/php/path>/php <your/ninja/path>/artisan ninja:send-invoices >/dev/null 2>&1
15 10 * * * <your/php/path>/php <your/ninja/path>/artisan ninja:send-reminders >/dev/null 2>&1

Would run the send-invoices and send-reminders commands at 3:10pm every day (while discarding the console output to /dev/null), which is what would cause any pending invoices to be sent out.