i deleted my company by mistake any way to recover? how can i set it up again?

i setup two companies originally and wanted to delete one of them. I assumed not thinking clearly that i could just delete one of them and it now deleted both… I am pretty sure there is no way to recover or restore but how can i set it up again? i paid for the highest plan…not sure how i can log in again

The app only deletes one company at a time.

You should be able to login using the email for the other company.

So i deleted the one i paid for. Under the log in i was able to select my company and my name. I had to select my company every time and i wanted to be able to go directly under my company. Now if i try to log in it says that email is not registered. So basically i have to start fresh but since i paid the year how can i use the same credentials? and use the paid subscription?

You can have up to 5 companies under a single paid account.

If you email us at contact@invoiceninja.com we can reinstate your paid plan. Note: if you singed up in the past 30 days you will have been automatically refunded.

is there any way to remove the invoice ninja link when sending customers their invoice?

You can customize the email templates to remove it.