I can't change the counter for invoice number?

Hi all,

I have set the counter to ‘3’ and saved, but the counter still showing ‘…14’ instead of ‘…3’?
Is this a know bug?

Somehow I can not change to a number that is lower then 14, but if I change to a higher number than 14, then there is no problem.

Ps. I have created and deleted 14 invoices for testing purpose.

App Version: v4.5.31
White Label: Yes
Server OS: Linux 3.10.0-1160.11.1.el7.x86_64
PHP Version: 7.2.34
MySQL Version: 5.7.31

Thanks in advance

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You’ll need to purge the invoices to re-use the numbers, there is a purge data option on Settings > Account Management

Thanks for your reply!

Will I lost all my clients, products, etc?
The only thing I want to do is just change the invoice counter to 3…

Another option is to restore the deleted invoices, changes the numbers to values you won’t use (ie, 0001-DELETED) and then delete them again.


This method works! Thanks!

Is there a way to permanently delete the DELETED invoices?
Something like empty trash?

You can purge a client to delete the client and all of their invoices

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Thanks! This is what I’m looking for :slight_smile:

You’re great!