I can't add expenses

Hello friends.

I have installed Invoice Ninja v5.0.46-C38. All Ok but i can’t add expenses. I have added providers, but when i go to create a new expense, the app don’t nothing.

I attach a videocapture: http://www.avanza7.com/videos/errorgastosinvoiceninja.mkv

Any suggestion?


I recived this error in console of my browser:

Another exception was thrown: Instance of ‘minified:mQ’ main.dart.js:4356:78

My server log and log of “storage” is empty.



Is it a clean install or did you migrate data from v4?

If you have ‘report errors’ enabled and use the mobile app it may help us debug the problem.

Note: please only post your questions in one place, it’s the same people answering everywhere.