Html element in e-mail subject


i have updated my installation and after the update to Version v5.5.5-C88 my subject has changed to


instead of invoice number

Any hints to fix this, i`ve no idea why this happens


What do you see in the app on Settings > Templates & Reminders?

@david any thoughts?

there is no changes, i think the $number variable not parsed correctly


this indicates the system does not have a $number variable for this particular entity. You may want to see if $entity.number or $invoice.number resolves correctly.

okay, but i don`t have a variable likes this in the overview… and it looks like it`s just in the payment email… i send an normal invoice mail the $number variable is filled and parsed


and this happens since update to v5.5.5

Ah, this is a payment email.

I cannot recreate this, I am able to use $number variable and it works as expected.