how to speed up looking at an invoice

yes, same problem

How many clients do you have in your account?

The invoice page loads the full list of clients, it could just be taking a while to process them. Do you know if the slowdown is on the server or in the browser?

client 544
invoices 2542
invoice items 5194
payments 1826
I only imported from 2014

seems to be in the browser, if I click on the ‘stop’ to the browser question ‘a web page is slowing down your browser’, it loads but the debug bar dos not work.

Hmmm… that’s not a lot, we have users with many thousands of clients.

Have you tried in a different browser, maybe it’s a plugin causing the problem?

edge just gives me this when I try to open an invoice:
HTTP 500 error
That’s odd… the website can’t display this page
The site may be under maintenance or could have a programming error.
Try this
Go back to the last page
Try contacting the website’s owner

chrome works better but takes about 3 refreshes to get the invoice up,
edge will not load it,
firefox loads if I hit the stop after 3 or 4 refreshes

I’d suggest testing a blank account with the clients imported as CSV

will do, what effect will the activities table being empty have on the system?


There will be no activity history

I have worked on this all weekend and it is looking like we are going to have to input the data by hand as we go but,
I would like to know if someone can help me with the following.

I am using a custom field in the client to hold a ship to address as the default.
I am using a custom field in the invoice to hold the ship to for that invoice as we have mult ship to address for some clients and want that ship to to stay with that invoice.

when an invoice is created, can i and how would i copy the client custom field data to the invoice custom field?

Invoice::creating(function ($invoice) {
    if (! $invoice->is_recurring) {
        $account = $invoice->account;
something like
        $custom_text_value1 = $invoice->client->custom_value1;

        if ($invoice->amount >= 0) {
        } elseif ($account->credit_number_counter > 0) {
            $account->incrementCounter(new Credit());

I think this line of code may need to be:

$invoice->custom_text_value1 = $invoice->client->custom_value1;

Note: you may want to use an API subscription instead so the changes aren’t erased by an update.

I tried $invoice->custom_text_value1 = $invoice->client->custom_value1;
restarted apache and created a new invoice from a customer, did not seem to work.

not sure how to do it as an API subscription.

this code is a lot above my php skill set.

Sorry, I’m not able to write the code for you.

Maybe you can hire a developer on upwork?