How to set up another languages (Russian)?

I have en email from you:

And have no select Russian language in Settings, and have no ru language in the /resources/lang/.


The email is confusing, it was referring to the fact that these languages are now supported out of the box on the pdf. @david, do you want to look into adding Russian as an app language?

Do you have any translations to Russian? Or need to translate 100% and PR it?

Our translations are managed here:

Hm, its have a 88% translated, less than Albanian… How about add Russian to app?

We’ll look into it…

I’ve added the framework for Russians translations, we still need the translation strings to be implemented themselves.

Good news, guys!
I’m waiting for the 'maste’r to be added to ‘v5-stable’ branch.

Hm, Im update InvoiceNinja, but can’t set up Russian language.
In /resources/lang/ru_RU language is present, but have no translate, only english templates.

I don’t believe it’s been added yet, hopefully within a week or two

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