How to remove the "Viewed" status of an invoice?

Sometimes I log into the client portal as a client by using the “Client Portal” menu option from the admin portal. If if I then view an invoice in the portal, it flags it as “Viewed” in the admin panel.

How can I revert this flag back to “Sent”? I looked in the databases under the invoices table but couldn’t see any variables to denote it being “viewed”.


The app doesn’t support removing the viewed status. The client portal menu option adds ?silent=true to the URL which should prevent the app from thinking the invoice has been viewed, can you reproduce this behavior?

We don’t recommend manually updating the database but I think the value is stored on the invitation record.

I can reproduce this every time. I thought there was just nothing implemented to prevent the admin from flagging it as viewed as you say, with silent. Should I raise an issue for this?

Are you using the client or invoice client portal link?

Also, are you copy/pasting the link or clicking the client portal option?

Clicking the client portal option from within the admin portal.

I am doing this from the client menu in the admin portal, then clicking view (for the invoice) once I’m inside the client portal. This flags it as viewed in the admin panel.

I noticed if I click the client portal option from the invoice itself in the admin portal (not from the client) that I can view the invoice with the silent=true flag in the url, but if I navigate away while still inside the client portal, that flag is not retained and any subsequent viewing of invoices does not have the silent=true flag in the URL.

Thanks, understood.

@david could we use the ?silent=true flag to prevent all view tracking for the browser session?

that could be implemented as a feature request for sure.