How to modify the 'Paid to Date' amount style in invoice

Self hosted.
I want to change the amount colour to red and include it in brackets().

It may be possible using a custom design, I suggest using a design which uses the $subtotalsWithoutBalance variable as it will be easier to adjust.

So, by custom design, you mean building the invoice template from the ground up?
Or can I just pass this variable in the current design and it can be modified?

It would be easier to modify an existing design

I’ve already modified the font size etc of ‘Balance Due’ amount and text.
Can you just pinpoint me in the right direction as to how to modify the colour of Paid to Date?

You may be able to use the ‘paidToDate’ attribute to set a custom style

I have turned the color to red. Thanks for the help @Hillel.
But, how to include the amount in brackets ()? Cannot figure that out.

I think that would require changing the code

Alright, then it’s better I leave it.