How to instal V5 beta

Hello need advice o how to install V5 on cpanel but I don’t have root access the server, all ready have installed version 4.5…Not worried about losing data since is a clean install from Softaculos.

Is it posible to overwrite some files or how I could do it?


Have you seen this guide?

Hello I been learning a lot programing just but trying to install Invoice Ninja on localhost, and almost almost got it, can’t wait to star using it to make things easy at my business before i go broke but is taken to long.

Im looking for guide to update version 4.5 installed on my server via Softaculous it has no data so i don’t really worry about loosing any data.

Main problem is tax i don’t have root access so i can’t run any commands, is there a way to upload via FTP and overwrite files since is all ready installed? Im mor or less familiar with the file estructure incase i have modifie something.

Thanks any help will be appreciated.

If you don’t need to save any data then I’d suggest doing a clean install rather than an update.

To update the app if you can’t run the database migrations on the server then it is possible to copy the database to a local sever to update it and then copy it back but it’s a non-trivial process.