How to insert page number in invoice footer

In v4 I used these variables in the field “invoice footer” but they no longer work and I can’t find the new variables for this.

$pageNumber / $pageCount

@ben is this supported?

Hey there, thanks for reporting. This is in my back log.
If you could open GitHub issue or upvote current, that’d be awesome. Thanks!

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Hi @ben, how the solution will be?
With v5.3.0-C58 it don’t work. Only the code is printed but not the content:


Also with 5.3.1-C58 it don’t work

As we are using chromium to generate the PDFs we need to hook into the Chromium API to generate the page numbers. It isn’t a trivial task, but @ben is working on this.

Issue will be open: $pageNumber and $pageCount don't work · Issue #6521 · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub

I am hoping for a quick resolution as this is the last critical error before I can migrate.

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The support for PHP 7.4 ends on 28.11.2022. Is it expected that with enough buffer this bug is fixed in V5 to be able to migrate or will there be another update for V4 so that V4 is also compatible with PHP 8.0?

I need feedback as soon as possible because I need to decide if I can continue to use Invoice Ninja or if I need to find an alternative. Therefore, there is time pressure here in the meantime (a solution we have been waiting for a year now).