How to Improve Delivery of Invoice Emails (v2.7.2)


I tested with and they reported that the invoice email is being down scored by -0.5 simply because there is an image without an alt tag.

Can you consider maybe adding one when you get a chance please, just to aid delivery a little :slight_smile:

Thanks Hillel, and Happy New Year.

See below for report…

We found 1 images without alt attribute in your message body -0.5

ALT attributes provide a textual alternative to your images.
It is a useful fallback for people suffering from sight problems and for cases where your images cannot be displayed.

<img src="....

If you don’t want to add an alt attribute, add an empty one: alt=""

Sure, thanks for pointing this out. We’re happy to make the change.

Thanks again for the suggestion!

This fix will be included with our next release.