How to export products?

I’m using the hosted version of InvoiceNinja.

I would like to export my products to edit them offline and import them afterwards.

I found the import function, but can’t find the export function.
Please give me advice, how I can export my products to a CSV or XLS file.

Thanks for your help.

We don’t currently support exporting products, it should be included in a future release.

For now you’d need to copy/paste the data from the products list into a spreadsheet.

Uff, that’s hard.

I’m getting old, when I paste and copy all the positions manually.

I hope this will be implemented in the near future …

We’ll try to include it in our next release in a few weeks.

That would be great, many thanks for your efforts.

Shouldn’t have to copy/paste each one manually. If you copy the entire list (including the headers) and paste that into Excel or OpenOffice, you can save it as a CSV file (set the text separator to " when it asks, btw), then import that CSV directly into InvoiceNinja.

Edit: Forget what I just said…I read your reply wrong and thought you were going to do each one individually, lol.

Now the possibility for export products is implemented, thank you.

But I’m wondering because with JSON I can’t export selected fields (only products).
Just possible to export ALL fields … or am I doing something wrong?

JSON export selected is not possible ...

The JSON files always includes clients, products, invoices, quotes and payments.

We’ll clarify this in the UI.

okay, thanks