how to "delete" partial amount of invoice if customer doesn't pay?

If a customer refuses to pay the whole amount and leaves a small sum unpaid, and I don’t want to struggle with him, how can I easily tell IN that this invoice will never get paid fully - and it is removed from my outstanding amounts?

I know, I could change the sum of the invoice to exact the paid one, but that would fake it. I want to have it documented that the customer didn’t pay the full amount.

You could enter a payment manually and make a note in the transaction reference that they didn’t actually pay.

But that would imply that in the reports this payment is counted as income. Which is not true.

That’s true…

I guess the best workaround is to add an item with a negative amount equal to the outstanding amount, effectively ‘zeroing’ the invoice. That way, no unpaid amounts are entered into the system, and I think you can categorize that item as ‘Losses’ so you see them all in a separate line in the reports.

Sounds like a good solution, thanks for sharing!