How to create "Terms & Conditions" for Portal Check Box?

When enabling Client Portal, there is an option for “Accept Terms and Conditions” in the settings, however, I can find no where for me to actually set these terms and conditions that the client would be agreeing too, and I can find no support references for this, which I find it odd that I am the only one to be curious how to set these terms.

I am running 4.5.16 Self Hosted free versions.

I would also like to know if there is a way within Invoice Ninja to set a Thank you page when a customer pays via the portal, and there is a setting to set the Redirect URL. It seems odd to me that I would set the Thank you URL to an external static page somewhere on my server, it would make more sense to set it to something that would display a receipt or something, though I have no clue how I would do that. I am using PayPal as my Payment Processor/ I do have Stripe as well, though not configured at this time.


The app shows the terms from the invoice.

You can configure a custom “Paid Invoice” message on Settings > Client Portal.