How to change the appearance of the client portal?

Hi, I have hosted the Turnkey Invoice Ninja in EC2. The Admin site works perfectly fine but when I open the client portal it appears to be without any styling whatsoever. I have attached the screenshots below. help me out. Thanks in advance. PS. I would also like the client to be able pay from the portal, how must one do that?


It looks like the CSS files are failing to load, are you using a reverse proxy?

Apologies, I am quite the amateur, I really do not understand about the reverse proxy. I just deployed the Turnkey Invoice Ninja in EC2, followed the usage documentation and running the instance. The actual invoice ninja works perfectly fine with everything rendered however when I use the /client endpoint this happens.

Are there any failures in the network tab in the browser console?

Also, maybe this post will help:

Thanks for that reply, I see that i have configured the domain wrong. How do I change it back? I remember doing this configuration during the first boot of the instance.

You can update the value of APP_URL in the .env file.

Wonderful!! You are a lifesaver!

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