How to CC an invoice?

I was wondering how to send an invoice from the InvoiceNinja Service to multiple email adresses. So one recipient and another one in a CC. How do you do this?

Can’t you use the character ‘;’ ?

I’ve tested it and that doesn’t work

Are you wanting to send to multiple people on the client’s side, or on your side?

Sorry, it isn’t supported.

Each contact is sent a unique link so we know who’s interacting with the system, using a CC would break that. We’re working on v2 of the app and hope to implement a solution.

Hi Hillel,
are there any updates regarding this subject?
I have to send the same invoice to accounting and the key account manager, without changing the recipient on the invoice. Right now, since I can’t find a way to do this, I have to download the invoice and mail it per outlook.
Hope you have an solution.