How to carry over a client balance, without late notifications?

Hello, using IN 5.4.18 white labeled and self-hosted.

I have a scenario where some clients are ported over from a different invoicing platform. Said clients already had an outstanding initial balance. What is the best way to keep them informed of said outstanding balance with every new invoice, as well as credit said balance when they send additional funds above and beyond the current invoice?

I was thinking of creating a single large invoice with the outstanding balance, but that would trigger the late notifications and warnings, and I do not want that. If there is a way to disable the late warnings and notifications for a particular invoice, please advise.

Thank you.

Hmmm… it should work to create the invoice and then archive it

Thanks Hillel, I just did that and it works in the client dashboard. I assume an archived invoice will not trigger that late emails notifications, correct?

One nice feature we have now is “CREDITS”, however it does not allow negative credits (like -$100.00 meaning they owe $100). If that could be changed to allow negative credits that would be the cleanest way to accomplish this…

That is correct

This whole area of the app has been rethought for v2

Excellent, looking forward to the full release of v2 and a clean upgrade pathway.