How to add an over payment


How to add an over payment from the customer so it is deducted from the next invoice.

We did some tests, and here is what we found so far.

An over payment was done for an invoice (invoice was 100, we added payment of 120)

In the list of payments only a payment of 100 was visible (instead of the 120 I had added in the payment)

While trying to fix the issue, we deleted the 100 payment from the payment list ( should have been 120)

Recreated payment of 120 for the invoice of 100 as above

In client dashboard, the amount of total invoiced and paid to date were equal instead of having a difference of 20. In the credits tab we see 2 times credit for 20.

Conclusion: we deleted the first payment of 100 (120 entered amount) but it did not delete the 20 credit.

Question: how do we delete one of the duplicates for 20 credit?

Thank you very much for your great support

The over payment automatically creates the credit, you should be able to manually delete the credit.