How do I set up "services" for my business?

I am one man show, self-hosted using v4.1.4

I do on-site computer repair, so I need to set up services like “Virus Removal” or “Diagnostic”. The only way that seems to work for me is to set it up as a “product”, which seems wrong because then I have no way to differentiate between “Diagnostic” and selling a USB flash drive, they both show up as “products” when running a report.

How should this be done?

I would assume as products.

Which report are you using?

I need to be able to differentiate between a “service” and an actual, physical product. Services are not taxed, products are.

I was trying to use the “Product” report, but since my services are set up as products, everything shows up there, so there doesn’t seem to be a way to tell the difference between products and services, so I figured I must be missing something.

You can set default taxes for products and then use the tax report.

If you want to use the product report maybe you can filter the product column.

So I would have to total up the product column manually by hand to figure out how much physical products I sold in a year?

If you click the header it will group by product and show the totals.

Oh, okay! Yeah, I can just make a new product item called Physical Product and then use the description to explain what it is!

Thank you, this will work!