How can I create my own offer and invoice design


I installed invoice ninja and now I am investigating with that very interresting APP. I have the free version of Ninja

I would like to create to template/design
Bellow the offer, I would like to add two section

  1. a title “Bon pour commande” (For agreement) with a field date and a field for a manual signature
  2. A title Terms and conditions, with a text with serveral paragraph

I would like to have my own HTML/CSS design as for the offer.

Can we do that with the free version?
I think, I would need the pro version, isn’t?

I have a doubt, because here, it only mention the customize invoice design. What about the offers?

Cheers and good evening


Are you using the hosted or selfhosted version?


I am using self-hosted. I installed Ninja on my Synology NAS

If you’re selfhosting the app then all features are available.

Ok, then why I have this? It’s look like I have limitation?

All Pro and Enterprise features from the hosted app are included in the selfhosted code. We offer a $30 per year white-label license to remove the Invoice Ninja branding from client facing parts of the app.