How can I assign an invoice to a different client

Hi there. i would appreciate any help anyone is able to give me with this problem I have.

I created an invoice today then - by mistake - hit the clone to invoice button. This of course created a new invoice, with a new, sequential, invoice number.

I don’t need this cloned invoice but I don’t want to delete it because then I would lose my sequential invoice numbering (the next time I create an invoice it would have the next number, and I would forever have lost the number of the deleted invoice). So I thought, ok, I’ll just make this cloned invoice my next invoice and change the client that it is assigned to. But…I can’t seem to find how I change the client.

Can someone help please?

Thanks in advance.


You can reuse the number by changing the number of the mistaken invoice to a value you won’t use, ie. 0001-DELETED.

Hi Hillel,

Thanks for your help on this.

So I should change the number of the cloned invoice then delete it? And then automatic numbering of my future invoices will be correct? ie: the number of the next invoice I create will follow on sequentially from the last correct (not the deleted one) invoice?

You can correct the next number by updating the counter on Settings > Invoice Settings

Thanks, I missed that I could do that. However I just tried it and there was nowhere on the page to save the change. When I tried to leave the page I got the usual ‘leave the site? changes may be lost’ message. I assumed my change had gone through so tested it by creating a new invoice. the result? it hasn’t worked. The invoice has skipped a number. I’ve lost the number on the deleted invoice.

What am I missing? How can I save the change to the invoice setting?

If you’re using changing these settings requires a paid plan.

As a workaround you can manually adjust the invoice number when saving the invoice.

I see.

But I really didn’t want to lose the sequential page numbering. I don’t want to have to change the number on every future invoice. Is there something else I can do? Can Invoiceninja access my account and change the next number in settings for me, to avoid this problem please?

I think you should just need to manually set it for the next one or two invoices for it to sync back up.

Ok thanks. Will that work even though I always add the client name , month and year after the number? ie: 0008 becomes 0008NameNov20 for example.

I think so but you’ll need to test it

Ok will do. Thanks for your help.

If it doesn’t work can I come back to you and ask for a manual change please? Or should I be asking someone else for that, maybe customer support?

If it doesn’t work let us know.

We aren’t able to make manual changes to an account.