House number in new row in stead of next of streetname

I need a modification in a existing (Business)invoice template
why i shousenumber in next row in stead of next of streetname how can i change?

I think you’d need to make a custom invoice design

really everybody who use invoice ninja has housenumber on new row??

Yup… if you can believe it I think this is the first time I’ve heard this request since we released the app almost 6 years ago.

In the current version making this change is more difficult than it should be, in the next version it should be easier.

@shamier it really comes down to the addressing standards of each country and customer base distribution, plus not all users check the forums regularly.

I’ve worked with addressing systems and it is a simple concept at first glance that gets rather complicated when you drill down into it. If your curious you might want to check:

As far as your request, depending on you country’s format, there could be a workaround:

You could try to use the client “Apt/Suite” field as a house number, I noticed it uses its own line.