Holy inode usage, Batman!

Hi all! New user here. Simple question, hopefully.

I’ve just made a fresh install of Invoice Ninja on my shared (reseller) hosting account at GreenGeeks. After installing, I noticed that my account’s inode usage shot way up. I contacted GreenGeeks tech support, and they showed me how to use SSH to verify the number of inodes being used on a per-folder basis.

What I discovered was that, apparently, a brand-spanking-new installation of Invoice Ninja will immediately gobble up 32,568 inodes. :grimacing:


Since my hosting account currently includes 150,000 inodes, Invoice Ninja is eating 22% of what’s available to me. That seems pretty darn excessive! Am I missing something here? Am I off base? Any suggestions, corrections, etc. would be appreciated.


Not sure we can change this…

cc @david


Invoice Ninja is a big application!

It sure is a big application, but it DOES so MUCH! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that I’m going to have to find new hosting or choose a different solution. Oh well; thank you for the accurate (and quick!) info. :slight_smile: