Ho to display Descritpion when choosing a product code in drop menu

Hello Everybody !

Is there a way (or maybe it’s a to do suggestion ;)) to see what product description is related to selected code when we are creating a quote or an invoice ?

Have plenty of code i do not always know what they are used for is time consuming to select, check what product is display, erase, select a ne one until you find the good code…

Thanks !


Thanks for the suggestion!

We currently show the product name in the tool tip when hovering over the auto-complete option, we’ll look into adding the beginning of the description as well.


That would be great and huge improvement to ease the use !

Looking forward having it in forthcoming releases :slight_smile:



One quick idea…

Maybe it would be even better/easier if we were able to auto-complete in description Field too. That way we could find products by their real names instead their codes, while entering a description without product will always be possible as actually.

My 2 cents :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion!

We’ll keep it in mind for the future…