Historical Aging Reports - Showing Wrong Information/Numbers!!


I have noticed that historical aging reports are incorrect!!

For example at end of Q4 (Dec 31) we had a total of $99k in AR due to us. During the months of Jan & Feb we collected most of this revenue (~$93k) and posted the payments received on the proper dates in Jan & Feb.

During our accounting review we needed to see the exact dollar amount owed to us at end of Q4 (Dec 31). When we pulled the aging report for Q4, it only showed the uncollected ~$6k remaining balance due to us - same info as if we pulled the report on Feb 28th.

If it was calculating historical aging correctly, it would have shown the $99k worth of AR on the report for Dec 31 as that was what was owed to us on that particular date - regardless of the fact the payment was collected 1-2 months later in Jan & Feb.

This is a rather big issue as if we need to go back to see historical AR balances at end of a quarter, it will always be wrong and only show whats been uncollected and not what was actually owed at that point.

Fortunately, we were able to look at payments received report for Q1 and it shows the invoice dates for invoices from Q4 and we were able to manually calculate the historical AR balance on Dec 31.

Please consider fixing this as I am now concerned about other historical reporting showing up correctly.

Invoice Ninja uses cash basis accounting, if you change past data the reports will also change.

Does that explain it?