Help With Restoring Installation

Good night everyone. Been away for a while but advances in technology have brought me back. With V5 out and PHP 8.1 - I attempted an update with my hosting provider and got messed up. Now I can’t get back V4 working and V5 won’t install. Yes - I’ve started looking into moving hosting. I’ve contacted one of the providers that I found compatible with InvoiceNinja - hoping to hear back from them soon enough.

For now - I’m seeking assistance with getting V4 back up and working. Here’s what’s going on…

Removal of the ninja folder and reinstall from ZIP (upload via FTP) seems to fail. Renaming the .env.example to just .env and navigating to the link shows a 500 error. I know some logs are going to be required - so just let me know what you want and where you want them from. I’ll post the info as soon as I can.

None of the prior things seem to work. V5 won’t run. V4 won’t run. Just…messed up.

If I can get either one working that would be great. If assistance will be focused on V5 then we can move the topic. Just bear this in mind: Install InvoiceNinja on Shared Hosting-v5 - #10 by khat17

I don’t think V5 will set up because:

So I just need to get V4 back working. Which is weird because it refuses to set up…so help? LoL. Whenever you have time. Thanks in advance.

Again - hoping to hear back from the other provider soon enough. I’ll migrate everything over to them web related and leave my VPS hosting where it is.


If you’re seeing a 500 there should be more details in the web server error log or in storage/logs.

Note: if you’re resetting up the v4 install you’ll want to make sure to copy over the original .env file.

Hey @hillel - thanks for the quick reply as usual. Tried setting up from scratch as I said. Downloaded the specific version I had - think it was 4.5.39 - and extracted then uploaded. I remembered that the .env was important so I had that backed up. Used example .env - tried with my original .env - nothing worked. Will grab the logs in a bit.

Sorry about the lack of response. Aside from work - I’m trying to have the hosting moved. Once that’s done - I should be able to get V5 up and working and my database migrated. If I do manage to get it done I’ll post the details of the provider.

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Good morning. So here’s the update - I’m moving providers. It’s official.

GlowHost is where I’ll be going. They support InvoiceNinja fully and were able to assist with restoring my database. My old provider - awesome for VPS - emailed me to say “We are sorry but on a webspace server we can not activate the PHP-plugin as it bears vulnerability risks.” For an item that THEY have listed in Softaculous - that THEY originally had support for. And it was working fine until I attempted the upgrade. And I did a backup. And the backup failed to restore. It was just…weird.

While GlowHost will end up costing maybe 2X what I was paying - the peace of mind and FAST support makes it worthwhile IMO.

I’ve been tempted to use other things - especially with what happened - but I don’t think I’ll ever find anything better for invoicing - ever. The only thing that InvoiceNinja could possibly do to be better? Have some integration with OSTicket. Being able to automatically tie in a ticket with an invoice? That would seal it entirely.

Many thanks for the assistance. Many thanks for the time and patience. @hillel - let me know if you’d still like to push forward with the attempt to restore. For science. If yes - I’d go ahead and attempt to pull the logs.

Glad to hear it’s working now, thanks for the update!

Not sure I understand your question, do you mean the migration to v5?

Thanks for your reply @hillel. Was referring to trying to get V4.5.39 back up and working for science.

Not sure it would though. Because I tried to extract it and do a fresh install from the ZIP then point to the existing DB but it failed.

If you’re happy with what you have I don’t think you need to bother, thanks though!

Thanks @hillel - let me spell it out though.

CONTABO - previous hosting provider. I have VPSes and had web hosting. Their VPSes are still top notch. No issues there. But I’m still annoyed over the Invoice Ninja issues. They have it listed - they also have it as an available app in Softaculous - but it won’t set up. And we’ve had to do some gymnastics to get it working.

GLOWHOST - current web hosting provider. AWESOME support. They managed to migrate and fix the issues with Invoice Ninja, but they were unable to say what went wrong.

I’ll post back once they’re done - but moving was a good move - lol. It does cost more - but peace of mind has no price.

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This thread can be closed now. The solution was moving to another hosting provider. Going to tag @hillel and point to the next thread for assistance when possible.

Thanks in advance - keep up the AWESOME job on this product! Still - and always - the BEST invoicing app there is! IMO at least. And as I said - only thing that could make it better is integration with OSTicket.

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