Help with customization

Hello, everyone.
I have given Invoice Ninja a try again and this time I have deployed it to my website hosting provider using a subdomain.

Compared to when I deployed it on my Synology, everything has improved, much lighter and faster and without problems creating PDFs.

More or less I have everything configured and customized but there are some things I would like to change but I don’t know how to do it, if it’s not possible nothing would happen either.

  • I would like to add an image centered at the bottom of the invoice and the budget. It is the isologo of my company (square shape). I suppose it is to add in the code the image (previously uploaded on the server) but I don’t know exactly where in the code I should include it.

  • In the GUI the image of the logo appears (that I have uploaded in the Logo section) in the upper left corner associated with the name of the company. I would like to replace that image (not the logo that is used in the invoices and budgets template) since the logo is rectangular and elongated and looks a little bad in the Invoice Ninja GUI, in my case I would put only the isologo that is square.

The last question is not about design, but why not open another post.

  • Is there a backup procedure in case there is a disaster can a backup be restored?

Thanks in advance.


You can add an HTML img tag to the invoice (terms, notes or footer) to display an image.

That isn’t currently supported, the company logo is used everywhere in the app.

To create a backup you can use mysqldump to backup the database, you’ll also need to store the .env file and if you’re using the documents feature the storage folder.