Help with custom invoice design + country language

Hello we are trying to customize some details of the invoice:

1- We would like to display:
Name Surname or Company
Address, number
Postal code, City
State, Country

instead of:
Company name
Postal code, City, State

2 - The Country name is being display in English and not in Spanish (for both, clients and companies)


We managed to put down the Terms and conditions but we also need a default block with the bank account information. As you can see in the image, we have not been able to separate it from ‘terms and conditions’ section.

4 - Is it possible to add the image logo at the end of the document?


  1. This is possible but would require using a custom design

  2. The name should be correct if you click “View in portal” to view the invoice in the client portal

  3. Also possible with a custom design

  4. You can embed an image, the photo design shows an example. There’s some info here:

Note: custom designs are much easier to create in v5