Have Ninja 4.5.5,can't log into self-hosted login on android app

The latest android app is giving me a 401 credentials error, even though I’ve doublechecked my .env file and username, password and secret api key are all correct. I just upgraded to 4.5.5 of the self-hosted system, so everything is current, just can’t log in. Anything else I should be checking?

What’s the full 401 error message? Does it say invalid credentials or API secret?

You may want to try commenting out the API_SECRET in the .env file.

Also, make sure you’re aren’t mixing up the API secret and API token.

402: Invalid Credentials. I’ll try commenting out the API_SECRET. The secret is definitely not the token, although I don’t see anywhere in the .env file to add the API android token. There is an api key and a phantomjs secret, but I haven’t changed either of those before using the old android app or since, and I was logging in fine with the old android app. I’ll test by commenting out the api-secret.

Ok, commented out the api_secret, and while uploading that, realized I was typing in the wrong password. I tested with the commented out version of the file while typing in the correct password, and it let me in. I tried entering payment on an invoice and it took. So issue resolved.

Great, glad to hear it’s working!