Google Play Store Self-Hosted Renewal


I evidently had auto-renewal enabled for the Invoice Ninja Android App. I noticed that when I received payment confirmation, it says it’s for the “Self Hosted Installation Android Application access (Invoice Ninja - Legacy app).” Will this apply to the new app? Or do I need to seek a refund for this and then re-purchase it for the new app?


@ahelton the subscription can be cancelled now as the new application is free for self hosters.

If you have troubles cancelling the subscription or can’t get the refund send us an email at and we’ll process that from our side.

Thanks, David. I’ve cancelled my subscription and requested a refund through the Google Play Store. If that doesn’t work, I’ll let you know.

Welp, Google denied my request. Could y’all handle it on your end?

@ahelton send us an email to the above address. We’ll need your Google play email address to find the transaction.

Email Sent. Thanks.