GoCardless Setup on Self-Hosted v5

I have just installed v5.1.32-C44 and am configuring/testing before starting to use it proper.

I would prefer to use GoCardless as a payment gateway for recurring invoices. As there is no option to select in the payment gateways for GoCardless, would you have some instructions on how to configure it as an API?



Sorry, it isn’t yet supported.

Not including such a popular gateway in the new v5 release is a deal breaker for us now. We moved to self hosted v5 only to be very disappointed to find you did not include this.

Going backwards to v4 seems to make no sense. Do you have a timeline for including it in v5? If it’s just a short way away, we’ll hang on for the upgrade and even purchase a paid selfhosted plan. If not, we feel we have no choice but to move to Xero or similar.

Would really like to read a positive response guys.

Mike Long

We’re working through the list of v4 gateways in order of usage.

GoCardless will be worked on soon but we aren’t able to provide ETAs for future features.