GoCardless pay with card on file issue

I have authorize.net and goCardless set up for my clients. One client has GoCardless set up and we have an auto-bill which, according to what I can see, will be auto-debited on the 18th. I see that mandate in GoCardless for the correct amount, set to pull on the correct date.

I sent them an invoice yesterday and my client tried to pay with their GoCardless profile today but is receiving the following error message:
Payment mandate is not ready. Please try again later.

When I look in the GoCardless interface there is no indication that their platform was hit at all. I’m looking in Events and literally there is nothing from today, and I KNOW he tried this morning.



@david any thoughts?


How long ago did the client setup the mandate?

One thing to check is the system logs, this should have some reference to the gateway response.