GoCardless InstantBankPay in v5.3.32 change log


thanks for reading this, I have noticed in the change log for 5.3.32 that GoCardless has been added. I have updated to v5.3.34 but I can not find the options to add GoCardless anywhere. I have archived all other payment methods but still Gocardless does not appear. I am sure I am doing something wrong but not sure what.

Thanks so much for any help GoCardless is something that would really help.



It may help to load /update?secret=


thanks so much for the quick reply. That unfotunely did not work. When I am looking on add new gateway still not GoCardless.


@david do you have any suggestions?

It sounds like your cache is not clearing. typically the following works.


where secret = UPDATE_SECRET variables in your .env file.

Then running Settings > Device Settings > Refresh data.

Thankyou so much it worked I did not have an update_secret in my envfile and thought it was api_key. That is amazing it is so good that invoice ninja now handles gocardless!

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