Global Setting for Send Reminders

Is there a global setting for “Send Reminders”? I would like that one for all clients but don’t want to have to select Enable every time I create a new one.


The global setting is on Settings < Templates & Reminders, you can leave the client setting blank.

Ok. I have that set. The invoice is overdue and I don’t see a reminder sent out.
I have first reminder set for 0 days. Should it be 1 is is that fine?
Also there is a partial payment on that invoice. Would that stop the reminder from going out?

I suggest checking the next send date for the invoice to ensure it’s set correctly.

I don’t believe so, if it has a balance an email should be sent.

I’m sorry, where would I find the next send date.

You can add the fields as a column to the invoice table.

Ok, I found it. This invoice doesn’t have a next send date on it however others do show it.
It’s possible that this invoice was created before I setup reminders and it may have not inherited the new setting if that is how it works.

Edit - I simply updated the due date for this invoice and it now has a next send date attached.
Should be allset. Thank you.

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!