Give user access to all businesses

I have two businesses set up on my account, however only the primary business shows up for secondary users of the account. Is there a way to all all users access to both businesses?

This isn’t supported through through the UI however you can manually add a record to the user_accounts table to enable this.


What record should I add?

You need a record which will link the users between the accounts.

ie, user_id1 set to the user id for account A and user_id2 set to the user id for account B.

Hi Hillel,

Could you please elaborate a little more on this capability?

Users table:
ID - Name
1 - TestCompany1
2 - TestCompany2
3 - User1

User_Accounts table:
ID - User_ID1 - User_ID2
1 - 1 - 2

I created User1 as an admin on TestCompany2. How to I give him access to TestCompany1 too? I must be messing up the row I’m adding because nothing I try is working. Self-hosted on v4.5.17

Thank you!

In the current version of the app you need to add the user to each company using a different email address, one option is to use email aliases (ie.

Note: this will be corrected in v2.