Getting customer's ready for first billing run

*** On hosted version, using WePay for our card processor ***

I am trying to get all of our customers to login to Invoice Ninja and add their credit cards so when we charge them for the first time on the first of the month, their card will be there.

This has been a difficult task for us for the following reasons:

1- There is no “Add credit card” button that exist if there isn’t already an invoice on the customer’s account. This makes no sense because we auto-bill our customer’s at the time we create their first invoice. How can we create their first invoice and auto-bill them if they have no credit card on file. As a work-around we had to go into each customer’s account and create a draft invoice. This is a hassle and now it seems that some customers are seeing the draft invoice and it shows past due. So, they are now confused and we have to explain why the draft invoice even exist.

2- We can’t see which customers have added their credit card to their account without having to “View in portal” which means we have to lookup their password from our internal database, then copy and paste it into the screen. If the customer couldn’t login to their Invoice Ninja account and used the “reset password” option, we then no longer have their password, can’t login to their portal and can’t see if they added a credit card to their account. The end result is that this is a hassle and we don’t know if the customer is ready to be billed on the first of next month because we don’t know if they have a credit card on file.

Am I missing something here or is this just the way Invoice Ninja works. Loving Invoice Ninja for the most part which is why I’m thinking I’m just missing something here or doing something wrong. These seem like pretty basic needs for any invoice software. I also submitted this from inside my Invoice Ninja account but since I don’t know how long it will take for support to reply I also posted it here to see what everyone here thinks about this.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Both of these features will be improved in v5.

Note: you can access the client portal without the password if you use the domain, you’ll need to manually edit the link. If you use a different domain the app won’t recognize that you’re logged in.

That seems to work but only if I use This at least allows me to login to their portal if they have changed their account.

Is there no other way to get this to work without manually copying the URL of the portal, then pasting it in the browser and changing it each time?

The improvements coming in version 5 are good but when will those be available in the hosted version?

Also, version 5 won’t break any of my API integrations I’m working on now will they.

Sorry, not that I’m aware of.

Hopefully end of this year, but possibly early next year.

It’s very likely you’ll need to update your API integration to work with v5.

That is super unfortunate, this is the biggest issue and reason I left Freshbooks.

Is it the general case that every time you upgrade your hosted code that all my API integrations will break? This is NOT something I am interested in dealing with for every upgrade.

Why break existing API’s? If my integration breaks, I can’t collect money and my business ceases to exist, can’t pay bills etc. It’s a big deal. I am happy to pay for the hosted version but this seems to really push me in the direction of the open source product so that I can NOT upgrade and break all my integrations. I want to support the developer with $$ but I do NOT want my integrations broken on a regular basis.

Will the hosted version be forced to version 5 when it’s released or will I be able to choose to stay on version 4 until I am ready to re-work the API integrations?

We’ve been working on the v4 API for 6 years, I think it’s a reasonable time to make some breaking changes.

We’ll make both versions available for a while (maybe a year?) but will eventually force v4 hosted users to upgrade to v5.

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OK in case anyone else needs a better way to login to the client portal without having to copy and paste the URL and change the domain manually in the browser or enter the client’s password…

I found that you can go to the client, then click on any of their invoices, then click “View In Portal” under the client contact name and it logs you right in no issues and uses the domain. No need to enter password or change domain manually.

Hope this helps someone else or maybe helps Hillel :slight_smile:

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