Getting 500 error on V5.3.33 setup

Please check the attached screenshot

on setup V5.3.33 getting 500 error with background image.

I have checked on logs but no any logs found in nginx error logs and larvel error logs.

Kindly suggest on this. i am using php7.4.

I can’t see your screenshot image and I’m not too familiar with 500 errors on setup (is this a first time install and not a migration)?

But I found this thread that might help you out.

I have attached screenshot now and It’s first time install i have tried multiple time. I have checked on all logs but nothing found.

Just to confirm, have you checked the logs in storage/logs

@david @ben any ideas?

If there are no logs, then it may be a permissions issue also.

Yes, checked in storage/logs too. nothing found.

I am using php7.4 and Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS.

I have already given 755 with chown www-data:www-data to entire project folder.

Try double checking your .env file. Maybe add/remove /public to your APP_URL field.