Gateway fees are erroneously being discounted

I have found a bug where if I create an invoice with a discount, the gateway fee for stripe is also reduced by 20% at payment time (essentially giving the client an extra unanticipated discount and really messing up my accounting).

For example:

  1. I created an invoice for $2750.00 and gave the client a discount of 20%, resulting in a total of $2200.00

  2. when the client (or I) visit the portal, the gateway amount listed under the “Pay Now” button is “$63.80” exactly the amount expected on the total of $2200

  3. HOWEVER, when the client continues to the payment form, the total at bottom button is now listed as $2251.04 instead of $2263.80, because you have applied a 20% discount to the gateway fee, which makes no sense.

I am self hosted, running version 4.5.4 btw

Maybe you could use line item discounts instead?

Hi Hillel,

Thanks for the quick reply and suggestion, but are you saying this is working as designed? Because this seems like a bug to me. The discount is already part of the total, why would we also apply it to the gateway fee? And why have a different gateway fee show on the invoice view of the portal than the one that shows on the actual payment button? I can send you screenshots if you like, but I am pretty sure this should not work this way.

And while I can hand calculate a discount and add it to a line myself, this kind of defeats the purpose of the discount box, no? And while I can do this for future invoices, I can’t for the ones that have already gone out very easily.


Invoice level discounts apply to all of the line items, we don’t have a way to exclude a single line item from the discount. Using line item discounts should solve the problem.

It works as designed, it’s more that the design doesn’t work very well in this case.