Gateway Fee + Limit?

Hi all! Curious question regarding a gateway setup. Are you able to allow a set fee, along with a minimum? Currently I have a fee percentage setup that works great, however even though I also have a minimum amount ($2) configured, it only seems to calculate the percentage.

For instance, on a $35 invoice, the fee is less than $2 when it should have made the fee $2, as a minimum.

Do I have something setup incorrectly? Or is it just one or the other?



Can you please post a screenshot of your settings?

2021-09-16 15_04_57-Online Payments _ Invoice Ninja

Thanks, I think you may be misunderstanding the purpose of limits.

Limits can be used to restrict the gateway to payments between certain amounts. For example you can configure the app to only support bank transfers for payments over $100.

Ah, ok. Thanks for the explanation. So there really isn’t a way to say if the fee is under $2 then round up to $2, then if above $2 use the fee %? No worries if not. It’s just that to set a fee percentage that works for smaller invoices (in order to not lose profit) you must set a higher %, but on the flip side, nobody would pay online say if the invoice is $500.

Sorry, it isn’t supported. Feel free to create an issue here to request it:

No worries, thank you!